Kreamer Fire Company- Station 120


Our Mission

We, the members of Kreamer Volunteer Fire Company, have made it our mission to provide the highest level of protection to the citizens and businesses within Middlecreek Township and surrounding areas. We are equipped and trained to provide you the following services- fire protection, structual and wildland fire suppression (extinguishment), life safety, rescue services. This includes response to conduct vehicle extrication, hazardous materials mitigation, disaster response, water rescue and rural water supply.

We will deliver these services in an effort to reduce the effects of fire, sudden medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created by man or nature. We intend to do so with rapid and professional services essential to health, safety and well being. We will accomplish our mission using the best personnel to deliver prevention, public awareness, fire suppression, emergency medical services and other related emergency and non- emergency activities. We will actively participate in our community and strive to effectively utilize all of the resources at our command to complete this mission.


We always strive to bring PRIDE to our job,

STRENGTH to our department, HONOR to our fallen

COURAGE to our brotherhood and INTEGRITY to our duties.



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